June 2006

June 2006

On the Cover
This month's issue is dedicated to our coverage of the PMA Show, the largest photo trade show in the US. We hope you'll enjoy this inside look at the latest gear and technology coming your way in 2006. Be sure to check out our Best of Show picks on page 154.


22 Introduction
PMA 2006
by George Schaub

24 Digital SLRs
4/3rds & New Players In D-SLRs
by Joe Farace

30 Digicams
Integral Lens And "Point-And-Shoot" Digital Cameras
by Peter K. Burian

38 Cameras
Rangefinder 35mms, Medium & Large Format Cameras
by Roger W. Hicks

46 Medium Format Digital
Large Sensor D-SLRs
by Jon Canfield

48 Lenses
Great New Optics For Digital
And 35mm SLRs
by Peter K. Burian

54 Photo Printers
Pigment, Dye Sub & Desktop Photo Labs
by Joe Farace

58 Large Format Printers
Pro Printers
by Jon Canfield

59 Scanners
Film To Digital Devices
by Jon Canfield

60 Memory Cards
Faster & Higher Capacity
by Jon Canfield

64 Inkjet Media
Papers And Inks
by Jack Neubart

74 Portable Storage
Hard Drives, CD/DVD Burners,
And Flash Drives
by Jack Neubart

76 Accessories
Studio & Home Helpers
by Robert E. Mayer

82 Weird And Wonderful
A Visit To The PMA Novelty Shop
by Roger W. Hicks

88 Lighting
Studio And Mobile Lighting: Strobe & Continuous--Plus Accessories
by Jack Neubart

94 Portable Flash
On-Camera Flash
by Robert E. Mayer

102 Bags & Cases
Photo Backpacks, Shoulder Packs & More
by Frances E. Schultz

112 Darkroom
Film, Paper, Chemistry, And Darkroom Gear
by Frances E. Schultz

154 Best Of Show
Shutterbug's Picks Of PMA 2006

172 Batteries
Charge Up Your Gear
by Robert E. Mayer

174 Manufacturers


14 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

194 One Final Thought
A Kind Of Metaphor
by Larry Dickerson


168 Contests
188 Digital Help
10 Editor's Notes
184 Help!
164 Trade Shows
165 Workshops