July Table Of Contents

July 2006

On the Cover
This month's issue is packed full of pro "desktop darkroom" tips and gear to help you make the most of your digital darkroom. Be sure to read our in-depth Test Reports on the latest and greatest digital offerings. In addition, we explore what's new in digital in the realms of color management tools, digital imaging software, portable downloading devices, and USB 2.0 flash drives.


46 Roundup: Software
New Tools For Enhanced Imaging
by Joe Farace

52 New Products
Color Management Hardware And Software
by Jon Canfield

54 Roundup: New Products
Covering The Photo Beat
by Frances E. Schultz

58 Output Options
Continuous Ink Systems
by Jon Canfield

62 Digital Innovations
Mac OS Meets Windows
by Joe Farace

68 Test Report: External Storage
The Maxtor OneTouch III
by George Schaub

70 Test Report: Software
CPAC Imaging PRO Version 3.0
by Steve Bedell

74 Test Report: Printer
HP's Designjet 90
by Jon Canfield

76 Test Report: Software
Adobe's Photoshop Elements 4.0
(Windows & Mac)
by David B. Brooks

86 Test Report: Portable Storage
Roundup: Fast USB 2.0 Flash
And "Smart" Drives
by Peter K. Burian

94 Test Report: Digital Camera
Olympus' EVOLT E-330
by Peter K. Burian

104 Test Report: Digital Camera
Samsung's Digimax Pro815
by Joe Farace

110 Test Report: Portable Storage
Downloading On The Run
by Stan Trzoniec

159 Sharing: Software
Easy E-Mail With Win-XP
by Darryl C. Nicholas

174 Street Smarts
The Savvy Consumer's Guide
To Pre-Owned, Collectible,
And Vintage Cameras
by Jason Schneider

176 Classic Cameras
Tokyo's Used Camera Show 2006
by S. "Fritz" Takeda


24 Business Trends
Mid-Year Marketing Plan Update
by Maria Piscopo

26 Master Class
Portrait And Wedding Photography In England & Ireland
by Monte Zucker

36 The Darkroom
Problem Restorations Solved
by Darryl C. Nicholas

43 Get Great Race Shots...
Without A Press Pass
by R.C. Parsons


12 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

20 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

22 Student Union
Profiles Of The Up And Coming
by Jay McCabe

30 Pro Talk
Bill Sallaz: Keep It Real
by Jay McCabe

32 Locations
California's Central Coast
by Joseph A. Dickerson


136 Book Reviews
168 Contests
188 Digital Help
10 Editor's Notes
179 Help!
164 Trade Shows
165 Workshops