Interested In How Camera Lenses Work? Watch This Easy-to-Understand, 3.5-Minute Video

Lenses are, perhaps, the most important (pardon the pun) element in photography but most photographers probably have no idea how they really work. If you want to learn about camera optics but you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to break your brain, Canon has released a simple and straightforward 3.5-minute video titled “How Lenses Function.”

The clip, which is embedded below, explains the technology behind cameras lenses including the role of optics in rendering colors, handling distortion and  adjusting focus, as well as how they change the focal distance. One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t play up the Canon angle until the very end. The explanations in the video can pretty much be applied to any lens from any manufacturer.

If you like this lens video, you should also check out this longer (approximately 20 minutes) educational clip from Filmmaker IQ titled “The Properties of Lenses," which will tell you pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how lenses work. And if that still hasn’t satiated you, watch this video (also from Filmmaker IQ) on “The History and Science of Lenses.” 

Via Peta Pixel