This Hyper-Lapse Video Required 48,000 Images, a Month of Shooting and 220 Days of Processing

There’s a reason why this hyper-lapse video is so breathtaking: It took almost 48,000 hand-held still images, 35 days of shooting, and 220 days of post processing to create.

Produced by the folks at Creaticity Studio, this impressive cityscape video was shot in Jaipur, the largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. Unlike with a traditional time-lapse video in which the camera position is relatively fixed, the hyper-lapse technique involves changing camera positions to create a tracking shot for the time-lapse sequences.

You can see more dramatic work from Creaticity on their YouTube channel. And be sure to watch another epic hyper-lapse video we posted that was shot in Singapore.