How to Take Self-Portrait Photos That Will Make You Look Fierce (Featuring Sorelle Amore)

Travel photographer and model Sorelle Amore is the go-to YouTube personality for photography videos these days. Last week she collaborated with photographer Chris Hau for a video on his channel with six professional posing tips, and now she’s joined forces with Mango Street on a new video about how to “Up Your Self Portrait Game.”

Here are Sorelle’s self-portrait photography tips, which are explained in Mango Street’s video below.

#1 Shoot with Intention

#2 Push Through Awkwardness

#3 Take the Shoot Seriously

#4 Brainstorm Your Own Self-Portrait Series

They’re solid tips, for sure, but what’s perhaps most surprising about the video is that Amore says hardly a word during the shoot, which is narrated by Mango Street’s Rachel and Daniel. If you’ve ever seen any of Sorelle’s photography videos, which you can find on her excellent YouTube channel, you know she always has a lot to say. Either way, Mango Street’s short and sweet take on these self-portrait photography tips is on point.

Watch more of Mango Street’s videos on their YouTube channel, including this one on how to shoot in low light, and this one with nine eye-catching portrait locations.

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