6 Professional Posing Tips to Make Anyone Look Good in a Photo (VIDEO)

Ever wonder why your travel portraits sometimes look no better than dull vacation snapshots? It might not be your skill as a photographer or the attractiveness of the person you’re photographing. You simply could be posing them wrong.

To help you get the most out of your model, even if it’s just a family member or loved one, consider the following posing tips in the video below from photographer Chris Hau. In the clip, Hau has enlisted the talents of travel photographer and model Sorelle Amore who we have featured on Shutterbug.com before. Here are the six posing tips that Amore shares in her collaboration with Hau in the video below:

#1 Body Position

#2 Posture

#3 Angles

#4 Break the Rules

#5 Posing the Face

#6 Confidence

You can check out more of Hau’s videos on his awesome YouTube channel. And, of course, visit Amore’s YouTube channel as well. Here are videos of hers that we have featured recently.

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