These Are 12 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make & Here's How to Fix Them (VIDEO)

If you’re just getting started in photography, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. That’s perfectly understandable and fine.

But if you want to get better quickly, we advise you to watch the below video from travel photographer and model Sorelle Amore who has 12 great tips (well, actually 11) on what beginners are likely doing wrong and how to fix these mistakes fast.

Here’s a rundown of the tips she discusses in the video.

1. Simplicity Is Key

2. Head Positioning

3. Highlights Blow Out

4. Fakeness Level 100

5. Lack of Editing

6. Excess Editing

7. Sharpness

8. Crappy Composition

9. Nope…Noooope…Just Nope

10. Lack of Subject

11. Panicking

12. Oops…There Is No 12th Tip

If Amore’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because we featured her just last week in a video on the tricks pro photographers use to pose subjects, so they look better in portraits. You can see more of her videos on her YouTube channel. And check out these two other posts on beginner photography mistakes:

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