Don’t Call Yourself a Photographer If You Still Make These 5 Beginner Mistakes (VIDEO)

We’re really not trying to be mean here, but seriously folks, if you’re still making the five beginner mistakes in the video below it’s time to clean up your act. Fortunately, travel photographer Joe Allam not only illustrates the photo errors that bug him most, but he demonstrates how to do things right.

At the top of Allam’s list of errors that identify someone as a beginner are images lacking a sharp point of focus. Allam explains how to solve this problem by using faster shutter speeds, higher ISO settings, greater depth of field, and a tripod. Bottom line: Blurry images just don’t cut it.

Another of Allam’s pet peeves are images that make it clear the photographer lacks “spatial awareness,” either because of poor cropping, shooting from the wrong vantage point, or simply ignoring distracting elements in a scene. As Allam demonstrates, minor adjustments can make a huge difference in your results.

Allam also discusses how to fix exposure mistakes, correct errors in white balance, and avoid “wonky” horizons that will ruin an otherwise nice shot. So before you tell everyone you’re a photographer, check out this video and do things right. And be sure to watch another tutorial we posted recently with four more mistakes that cause “eyeball confusion” and ruin your shots.

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Allam does a great job of highlighting these very common errors. It's a great place for me to send newbies that want to move forward with their photography.