Don’t Make These 4 Photo Composition Mistakes: Watch This Video & Avoid “Eyeball Confusion”

Whether you shoot landscapes, portraits, sports, or other types of images, sloppy composition can ruin an otherwise great shot. In this quick tutorial Evan Ranft (AKA Evan 5ps) discusses four common errors that every photographer should avoid.

Ranft is a photographer with a large social media following and he illustrates his tips with before and after images demonstrating how slight changes in composing a scene can make a huge difference in the results. In just six minutes Ranft will help you become a better photographer by avoiding “eyeball confusion” in your images.

The video begins with what Ranft calls the “Double Subject” mistake, in which a scene is composed with two equally prominent subjects. He illustrates how to create a more compelling photograph by placing the less-important object in the background.

Ranft also demonstrates how to increase the appeal of images by having the main subject face into the frame, and how to deal with tangent lines so they don’t divide a scene and cause confusion. Ranft’s fourth and “biggest mistake” is being a lazy photographer, and you’ll see what he means by watching the video.

There are more helpful tips on Ranft’s YouTube channel, and be sure to took at our recent story with great composition tips for landscape photographers.