Learn These Landscape Composition Techniques and Take Your Photography to the Next Level (VIDEO)

Photographer and author Bryan Peterson has said, “There is no better time to crop a bad composition than just before you press the shutter release.” In the video below, photographer Robert Rodriguez, Jr. explores this notion in a detailed discussion of essential composition techniques for great landscape photography.

Rodriguez is dedicated to inspiring others by “telling stories” with his images, and he’s an expert in visual design. This in-depth tutorial is from a 50-minute webinar he presented and is a “must watch” if you have any interest in landscape photography.

Some of the composition principles Rodriguez discusses require a bit of practice, but he also provides three simple tips you can apply immediately to improve your landscape photography. You can find more interesting videos on Rodriguez’ YouTube channel, and be sure to read our recent story with five quick tips for better composition.

And for a good read on composition and the art of photography, take a look at the book “Learning to See Creatively” by Bryan Peterson quoted above.

Via ISO 1200