8 Tips to Help You Shoot Better Photos in Low Light (VIDEO)

The latest video from Mango Street is on a popular topic that all photographers have struggled with at some point: how to shoot better photos in low light. Yes, we all probably think we can shoot fine photos in low light thanks to the latest digital cameras that can capture lower noise images at high ISOs. But there’s more to it than just leaning on your camera gear.

In the video below, Rachel and Daniel from Mango Street hit the streets in Chinatown in Los Angeles for the shoot because “there’s lots of interesting ambient light and an array of unique vignettes,” Rachel explains. Here are the four main tips that they discuss in the video:

Tip 1: Finding the Light  

Tip 2: Slow Your Shutter

Tip 3: Nailing Your Focus

Tip 4: The Edit

And here are four other tips they also explain during their shoot:

5: Use Ambient Light + Colored Cellophane Over a Portable Light to Provide Additional Fill

6: Use a Shutter Equal to 1/Focal Length and a Wide Open Aperture

7: Use a Flashlight to Help Autofocus on Your Subject

8: Light Highlights, Profile Corrections, Lift Skin Tone Luminance

(Graduated Filter + Noise Reduction + Clarity Reduction)

Watch more Mango Street videos on their YouTube channel including this one where they give you 9 eye-catching portrait photography location ideas in just 90 seconds.

Note: The first minute of the below video is an advertisement so skip ahead if you can’t wait for the tips.

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