How to Take Better Photos: 5 Easy Tips

Do you want to know how to take better photos? (Hey, don't we all?) Well, there's no better place to start than the below photography how-to video from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens titled, simply, "How to Take Better Photos with Your Camera."

In the video, Morgan shares five basic photo composition principles that will help you start shooting better images today. Morgan says these "five basics of design will help you learn to see an identify ways to create better artistic images." The video was shot on location in Arches National Park in Utah, which Morgan explains is "the perfect place" to be able to illustrate his five principles of better photographic composition.

"After you understand how to run your camera, then you understand good light but if you don't understand good composition principles, you will never take good images," he says. "You'll be looking at images going, 'Why does that image look so good but this one doesn't?' You'll never understand why you get a great image; you'll never understand why some don't look as good as you want them to. So, let's talk about the five composition principles that every photographer should understand, apply and critique their own work with."

5 Composition Principles

#1 Simplicity

#2 Rule of Thirds

#3 Balance

#4 Leading Lines

#5 Framing

Check out the video below where Morgan explains each one of these tips while showing you actual photo examples so you can better understand how to apply them to your own work. Then go visit (& subscribe) to The Slanted Lens' channel to get all their helpful photography tutorials and gear tests.