How to Shoot Sensual Boudoir Photos of Couples (VIDEO)

We’ve shared with you many, many, many tutorials about how to shoot beautiful boudoir photos of women. And we’ve also shared some how-tos on how to shoot boudoir of male subjects. Now here’s a great tutorial on how to capture sensual boudoir photos of couples.

Coming to you from boudoir pro Yuliya Panchenko, the free nearly 45-minute video below shares all the tips, tricks and poses to use when capturing intimate images of couples.

“Learn how to shoot sensual couple boudoir photos,” Panchenko says. “Couple boudoir photography behind the scenes video with two boudoir models playing as couples. Sensual and intimate couple boudoir photography tutorial for photographers. Learn how to pose couples and work with couple that want to do a boudoir photo session. Learn how to pose couples for photography.”

She begins the tutorial by discussing outfits and styling. “When I do couples boudoir, I always ask them to bring some stylish outfits,” she explains. “For example, for the girls, I ask to bring an evening gown or a cocktail dress. I prefer them to be with an open back or a very long cut to reveal some of her leg. And, for the guys, dress pants, turtleneck, dress shirt, bow tie, anything that will create that James Bond look. That’s what I usually start from in all my couple’s boudoir sessions.”

Of course, since this is boudoir photography, the clothing comes off after that. “Now let’s talk about the flow. When I photograph couple’s boudoir, we always start with some clothes on and then we continue with some lingerie shots or, for example, him wearing just the dress pants, her wearing lingerie and then just lingerie, just underwear and then I’ll continue with some nude shots, if they really want to.”

You can see the first boudoir look and posing session for the couple at the 4:43-mark of the video, the 2nd look at 12:21, 3rd look at 15:35, and 4th at 34:22. Panchenko then reviews all the final images at 43:22 in the video.