20 Boudoir Photography SECRETS in Under 12 Minutes (VIDEO)

Boudoir is one of the fastest growing photography segments out there. But for photographers who are just beginning to try their hands at boudoir, getting started can be a bit intimidating.

That's why we appreciate pros like Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Sasser who shares 20 of his top boudoir tips in the video below. So, without further ado, here are nearly two dozen of Sasser's boudoir secrets, which he demonstrates in the video at the bottom of this post.

Tip 1: Add Sheers - Place translucent sheers on the windows to get softer light.

Tip 2: Mess Up the Hair - Straight clean perfect hair doesn't make as much sense for boudoir. We want that sexy bedhead look.

Tip 3: Add Plants – Get some greenery in your studio by adding plants, either real or fake. Plants can make for great foreground and background objects.

Tip 4: Light a Candle – Light a candle so it smells nice in the studio.

Tip 5: Use Foreground Elements – Using foreground elements, like plants or other objects, will add more interest to the photo.

Tip 6: Welcome Sign - Have a welcome sign to make clients feel special.

Tip 7: Cut Tags - Keep scissors handy to cut off clothing tags.

Tip 8: Direct Light - Point their nose toward the sun for better illumination.

Tip 9: Display Albums - Have sample albums out to flip through during hair and makeup so they can get excited about getting their own.

Tip 10: Shoot with Mirrors - Use mirrors to add depth and interest to your photos.

Tip 11: Fashion Tape - Double-sided tape helps keep outfits and robes from opening up; can also keep necklaces in place.

Tip 12: Client Selected Music - Ask your clients what music they like and play it to help get them relaxed and in the mood.

Tip 13: Strap Play - To make a photo look sexier, without it being any more revealing, play with having her straps fall off her shoulders.

Tip 14: Mess Up the Bed - To make photos in the bedroom look more natural and personal, mess up the sheets.

Tip 15: Use a Step Stool - Have a ladder to shoot from high above. In order to shoot from different angles, you can stand on some furniture, or get a step ladder to add an angle you didn't have before.

Tip 16: Outfit Variety - Don't shoot in just lingerie. Things like sweaters, button-up shirts, and tank tops can add variety, playfulness, or a more natural look to your pictures.

Tip 17: Anonymous Photos - With boudoir, not everyone wants you to share their pictures online, but most are okay as long as their faces aren't recognizable. So, make sure to take a few anonymous shots; that way you can still share pictures from the shoot.

Tip 18: How to Silhouette – Have client accentuate poses, extend limbs and shake hair out to create eye-catching silhouettes in front of windows.

Tip 19: Leading Lines - Use leading lines to add interest to your photo and give it direction.

Tip 20: Radial Filter – When editing photos, use the radial filter to brighten faces and darken edges.

Watch the boudoir tutorial below and if you're looking for a lighthearted take on this type of photography, check out Sasser's video from last week where he shares five funny things that boudoir photographers do.