10 Mistakes in Boudoir Photography You Should ABSOLUTELY Avoid (VIDEO)

By now, you've probably seen our many helpful boudoir photography tutorials where trusted photographers explain some of the things you should be doing to shoot better boudoir photos. But in today's video from Jacques Gaines, instead of looking at what you need to do, he explains the boudoir photography mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

"Mistakes are a necessary evil to becoming a better boudoir photographer," Gaines explains. "You can only get better if you do wrong and find out how you did wrong. So, to get you on the road to improvement, I’ve identified the 10 mistakes I made in my boudoir photography. Hopefully, by knowing these mistakes, you can avoid them and elevate yourself quicker to boudoir photography perfection."

Here are the 10 mistakes (and remedies) that Gaines discusses in the below tutorial during a behind-the-scenes boudoir photography shoot.

#1 Not Prioritizing Clothing

#2 Not Prioritizing Shoot Location

#3 Expecting Too Much from a Photo Shoot

#4 Being Late on Photo Deliveries

#5 Not Re-evaluating Past Photos

#6 Not Shooting Wide Angles Enough

#7 Not Giving a Photo Shoot Time or Wiggle Room

#8 Letting First Impressions Discourage You

#9 Tolerating Poor Model Relationships

#10 Lacking Clarity on What to Expect from a Photo Shoot

Check it out below and then go visit his channel for more boudoir and portrait photography tips including this video where he shares five simple things you can do to capture beautiful boudoir photos.