3 Killer Boudoir Poses to Try in 2022 (VIDEO)

If there's anyone who knows the best boudoir poses out there, it's Marco Ibanez, a successful Washington DC-based boudoir photographer we turn to again and again for his posing tips.

In the below video, Ibanez shows you three "killer boudoir poses" to try with clients this year to jumpstart your boudoir photography. In the clip, he works with a boudoir model who demonstrates the poses so you can try them with your own photography.

"For the next three images we are going to do a quick set of poses on the floor, so I'm asking her to sit on her knees and I'm placing her right in between the big window you see there," Ibanez explains. "I actually closed the blinds on the sides because I want the middle portion of the window to be the main light source for this image."

The first thing Ibanez asks his model to do is to bring the arm that is closer to him behind her because he wants that arm to be supporting her upper body. And then he has her arch her back and tilt her head to the left with her right hand touching her lips gently.

"One thing I should mention is that you have to make sure both eyes are visible in your image," he notes. "That's going to make your photos better and you client is probably going to like them better too."  

Watch below as Ibanez gives demonstrations of all three boudoir poses along with annotated instructions so you can see how to duplicate these looks yourself. It's a valuable lesson for anyone who wants to learn some basic boudoir posing techniques that will work every time.

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