How to Get Started in Boudoir Photography: 7 Great Tips for Boudoir Beginners

If you always wanted to shoot boudoir photos but don't know where to begin, the below video from professional boudoir photographer Critsey Rowe is a great place to start. In the free and easy tutorial, Rowe shares seven great beginner boudoir photography tips.

"There are many many things to consider when shooting boudoir and, in this video, I touch on just a few of them," Rowe says. "A lot of people come to me and they say, I just don't know where to start, I don't know how to begin and honestly the biggest thing that you have to do to get start is just to start.  So, find a friend or family member, or do a model call. And definitely do these sessions for free because unless you're super talented and you're already knocking out some great work for them, you don't want to do paid shoots and then it be a hot mess and then clients be disappointed and then you have to give them their money back."

Here are Rowe's seven essential tips for newbies getting started in boudoir photography:

#1 Learn Posing

#2 Make Your Subject Feel at Ease

#3 Practice, Practice, Practice

#4 Join Boudoir Groups

#5 Watch Boudoir Videos

#6 Start a Boudoir Website

#7 Social Media

Watch the straightforward and easy-to-understand boudoir how-to video below and then go visit Rowe's channel for more tips and tricks on boudoir photography. If you want to read a good primer on boudoir, check out this beginner's guide to boudoir photography that we recently featured on the site.