"Heroes Smile"

August 1-October 31, 2007
For "Heroes Smile"

A Photography & Art Book
1) Photography
2) Art, Scultpure & Paintings
3) Graphic Novel & Manga Illustrations

Publication Date: April 2008
ISBN: 0-9798640-1-1
Price: $19.95
Pages: 196
Dimensions: 7x9

1st Place Finalists (4): Each receives a 10-page spread of their relevant portfolio of work

2nd Place Finalists (4): Each receives a 5-page spread of their relevant portfolio of work or graphic project

The Photography Competition / Art Competition 2007 is an international contest organized by TCB-Cafe Publishing of San Francisco. The contest aims to develop and raise the visibility of photographic and creative graphics talent, in the form of a competition and the resulting book publication. The culmination will be a beautiful book publication, showcasing the competition winners, and gracing the libraries of museums, galleries, individuals and collectors, as well as appearing in stores throughout the world. http://www.PhotoContest2007.html

The 2007 photo contest / art contest has two variations of the theme, SMILES and HEROES, which were interpreted in the 2006 Contest. In this 2007 Call for Entries, submissions may interpret these themes broadly:
1) Super Heroes (photography, art, manga, graphic novels)

DESCRIPTION: Super heroes have always existed, both real and imagined. Photography and art allows the artist to now capture and illustrate those fictional and non-fictional persons (and animals) as never before. Photographers and illustrators are invited to show us the Super Heroes in our world, or not of it.

Note: "Super Heroes" is for photography, painting, graphic arts, comics, manga, and photo-essay/journalism. The topic is also very open to your interpretation - entries based in reality/real life people, historic figures or fantasy (even "winged" characters can be considered super heroes). Graphic novels and manga entries can submit four storyboard pages.
2) The Artist as a Hero (photography, art, manga, graphic novels)

DESCRIPTION: Either in your work or about your work, show us how the artist, now or historically, can be considered a hero. This can be based on the role in society, or in the actual work (example: fashion, technique, subject matter, lighting, color, etc)

All submitted images must represent one of the competition themes. Images can be in color or black & white. Images can be entered in only one category.

To read more about the contest, go to the TCB-Cafe Publishing website at http://www.cafeandre.com, or go directly to the contest information at http://www.PhotoContest2007.html

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