Here’s a Visual History of Adobe Photoshop: The World’s Premier Photo Editing Software (VIDEO)

Back in 1987, the Knoll brothers created a program they called “Display” that was intended for creating special effects in films. A year later they renamed the product “Photoshop” and after showing it to Adobe, the iconic brand was born.

The video below from DigitalRev traces the evolution of Photoshop through the years and discusses some of the hidden features in the software that has become almost synonymous with photography. As you’ll see, there are even a few tools from version 1.0 that still exist today.

As for those who use the term “Photoshopped” disparagingly, don’t forget that some of the most famous film photographers used the wet darkroom in much the same way we use the digital darkroom today.

And if you need any proof of Photoshop’s incredible success, you need look no further than Adobe’s current earning’s report which indicates the company posted record revenues of $5.85 billion in 2016. This is even more remarkable given all the complaints that occurred when Adobe switched to their Creative Cloud subscription model.

So watch the video below, and remember: “Photoshopped” is not a dirty word.

Via Peta Pixel