Here’s a Simple Way to Make More Powerful Photos: Fill the Frame with Your Subject (VIDEO)

There’s a reason this tutorial runs less than three minutes: It describes one of the simplest composition techniques ever. But if you give this a try, you’ll discover how it can make your photos more powerful and engaging.

It’s sort of amazing how often photographers forget to get in tight on a subject, either by moving physically closer or by using a longer focal length. While this simple method doesn’t work with all types of photography, you may be surprised to learn how often it can be really effective.

David Bergman is a professional sports and celebrity photographer, and here he demonstrates the impact of filling the frame with a subject. He explains that by composing a shot with the main subject filling the frame from edge to edge, those who view the photo immediately know exactly what you want them to see.

The idea is to eliminate any distracting elements that detract from an image. Bergman explains why, when zooming in on a subject, you should avoid using a camera’s digital zoom mode, and rely only upon its optical zoom capabilities. He also has a few tips for using this composition technique while shooting in both the horizontal and vertical formats.

As you’ll see in the video, this method works with portraits, nature scenes, and even cityscapes. You can find more interesting tutorials on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel. And be sure to watch an earlier episode of Bergman’s Two Minute Tips, explaining how to take great action shots by panning with your camera.