This Happens When a Travel Photographer Tells Wary Indigenous Subjects They’re Beautiful

Indigenous peoples in remote parts of the word tend to be rather wary of outsiders—especially when they have a camera pointed in their face. But Turkish photographer Mehmet Genc uses a simple method to put his subjects at ease: He just tells them “You are so beautiful.”


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Genc goes by the name Rotasiz Seyyah, which translates as “nomad with a route,” and the portraits he captures during his travels to remote locations across the globe are full of smiles.


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While living in Istanbul Genc spent six years working in the IT industry before deciding to travel the world and pursue a career in photography. He says the decision was a risk, “but sometimes stupid courage can help you make the most important decisions in your life.”


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Since then Genc had traveled throughout North America, Europe, South America and Asia, and has learned to speak English and Spanish. A well-trained athlete, Genc spent time in the military where he gained over 70 hours of diving experience. He’s also an experienced mountaineer.

Genc currently lives in Manaus, Brazil, and you can follow his wide-ranging exploits on his website and Instagram page. And don’t forget to take his advice when confronting a suspicious subject: Just utter the magic words “you are so beautiful” and the smiles will follow.

Via Bored Panda