Check Out This Crazy Footage from GoPro Highlighting the Best Moments of 2015 (VIDEO)

The wild video below offers us a glimpse of the most beautiful, heartwarming and dramatic video moments of 2015 captured with GoPro cameras. From the ocean’s cool blue depths to the top of a snow-covered mountain and back down to the heart of the vibrant city, this video provides non-stop, pulse pounding action, all captured with GoPro's POV cameras.

Highlights include snowboarders and skiers gracefully flying through the air in breathtaking stunts, talented skateboarders showing off their hottest tricks in the concrete jungle and a helpless kitten being given a second chance at life. These heart-stopping clips prove that a GoPro camera can allow users to tap into their innate sense of creativity in order to capture the precious moments life has to offer and the amazing ability to share them with the world.