Go Behind the Scenes with Famous Rock and Roll and Sports Photographer Michael Zagaris (VIDEO)

Michael Zagaris, aka “Z Man,” is a legendary rock and sports photographer who has photographed the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Madonna, Joe Montana and other icons. In the video below, you’ll go behind the scenes with Zagaris and learn some tricks for capturing priceless moments with emotion.

Zagaris began shooting sports in the late ‘70s and is currently the team photographer for the San Francisco 49ers. He says he approaches his work like a photojournalist. “I love being able to capture things that appear to be real,” he explains.

You can see iconic Zagaris images on his website after watching this video from Advancing Your Photography. And if you're interested in music portrait photography, check out our interview with another great rock n' roll photographer, Danny Clinch.