Fujifilm Announces Neopan 100 Acros II Black & White Film Coming This Fall to Domestic Market

Fujifilm Corporation today announced they are introducing a new generation of Neopan 100 Acros black-and-white film this fall in Japan. Named Acros II, the film is said to deliver unsurpassed resolution, fine grain and sharpness, and will be released in 35mm and 120 roll formats.

Renowned as a company that listens to its audience, Fujifilm said in their press release that the decision was spurred by “…consumer feedback, particularly from Millennials and GenZs, who have become the new film enthusiasts…”

The decision whether or not to expand distribution into other markets will be based upon demand.

Fujifilm currently features an Acros film simulation mode in several of their digital cameras. Shutterbug examined that feature in the story found here: Exploring Fujifilm’s ACROS Film Simulation Mode.