French Pro Used a Big Mac Box “Light Modifier” on a Flashlight to Make These Awesome Portraits (VIDEO)

Phillippe Echaroux is a French celebrity and advertising photographer who typically uses the best cameras and studio gear available. So what happened when the folks at ISO 1200 challenged him to shoot portraits with an iPhone, a cheap flashlight, and a Big Mac hamburger box for a light modifier? These awesome portraits speak for themselves.

And before you ask how much Photoshop work was done on the images you see here, the answer is none (although Echaroux was permitted to do a bit of retouching with his iPhone). Check out the fun video of the Big Mac light modifier project below.

Born in Marseille in 1983, Echaroux normally shoots with Hasselblad cameras and Elinchrom lighting equipment, so this challenge was a bit different for him. But as we’ve said before, talent typically trumps gear when it comes to great photography.

So the next time you stop at McDonald’s for a quick 563 calories, be sure to save your Big Mac Box (although we can’t guarantee it will deliver the same results you see here).

You can view more of Echaroux’s work on his website, and find more intriguing content on the ISO 1200 YouTube channel. Be sure to look at another cheap tricks story we posted earlier, explaining how to use a mirror to add color and depth to portrait photographs.

Via ISO 1200