Freefly Shows Off Tero Remote Controlled Car for High-Speed Tracking Video

One of the cooler (or geekier, depending on your perspective) imaging products being shown off at the PhotoPlus Expo show in New York City is a high-performance, remote-controlled car designed to help shoot high-speed tracking video. Called the Tero, the miniature vehicle is being sold by Freefly Systems, which created the vaunted 3-axis MoVI stabilizer camera gimbal.

The Tero combines a MoVI stabilizer with Freefly’s Vibration Isolation System mounted onto the remote-controlled car, letting photographers and video-makers attach a stabilized camera to the top of the vehicle. Fire up the Tero and it’s off and running, giving you smooth footage from an agile, little remote-controlled car that can go places where traditional tracking devices -- or full-sized chase cars, for that matter -- can’t.

The Tero, which with its grooved wheels looks a bit like a mini Lunar Rover, debuted at the NAB show in early 2014 but didn’t go on sale until August. Demand was so great, that the Tero sold out quickly and is currently on back order. The car itself sells for $5,000 but with the MOVI stabilizer, the MOVI remote controller and all the extras, is priced in the $17,000 range.

The Tero weighs 20 pounds and has a maximum speed of 40 mph. The version being shown off at PhotoPlus had a Canon EOS-1D X mounted on top, so it clearly can support a significant payload

More details on the Freefly Tero here.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video below with some spectacular footage showing what the Tero can do.