How to Photograph Skydivers While Freefalling (VIDEO)

The below video from Red Bull Illume just might take your breath away. The short, hair-raising clip documents how photographer (and skydiver) Wolfgang Lienbacher created a series of stunningly beautiful images of the Red Bull Skydive team in action while in a freefall himself.

Along with the usual amount of safety gear Lienbacher attached two cameras, a DSLR (for still shots) and a GoPro (for video), to his helmet and used a marker to outline the camera’s point of view on to the lens of his goggles. The addition of a hands-free shutter release (that extended from the DSLR down to his shoulder) completed his unusual and highly effective camera rig.

The shoot took place during freefall as Lienbacher mirrored the actions of the team and was able to produce amazing results.