Everything You Need to Know About ISO (VIDEO)

Vincent Ledvina is an independent filmmaker specializing in animation, and he combines these skills to release short monthly videos on basic photography concepts. In the episode below he explains everything you need to know about ISO in less than five minutes.

Ledvina notes that ISO is one of the three “pillars of photography” (along with aperture and shutter speed) and says he created this quick tutorial to make the concept of ISO a bit easier to understand because it plays such a crucial role in how we shoot photos.

Using simple graphics, Ledvina demonstrates why using the lowest possible ISO will deliver optimum results and why full-frame cameras have an advantage over crop-frame models—especially when shooting at higher ISO values.

After watching this video be sure to take a look at two other animations we shared from Ledvina, this one on lens basics and another illustrating the fundamentals of aperture.You can find even more from Ledvina on his YouTube channel.