Digital SLRs on the Upswing

Digital SLRs on the Upswing

by Ron Leach

A comprehensive new study from InfoTrends indicates that while the digital camera market is reaching a “mature stage” in it’s lifecycle, digital SLRs have emerged as an area of rapid growth within the industry while point-and-shoot cameras are heading toward commodity status with constant price pressure. The report, entitled “The Consumer Digital SLR Marketplace: A Multi-Client Study,” credits lower prices, a greater range of models, and better distribution for the continued growth of the DSLR category.

As prices have dropped, the appeal of digital SLRs has broadened beyond the domain of professional and advanced amateur photographers to enthusiasts who would never have purchased a 35mm SLR, according to InfoTrends. Moreover, the study predicts that DSLR owners will replace their camera bodies more frequently than did owners of film SLRs.

According to the data, the DSLR market will grow by 16% in 2008 and will not peak until 2012, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.8% between 2008 and 2013. The coming year will be a critical one for companies in the highly competitive DSLR market as they try to get consumers to commit to their system of lenses, flash units and other accessories and reap the benefits of future upgrades.

InfoTrends has been studying the digital camera market for the past 10 years conducted this latest study with 600 digital SLR owners and more than 900 potential buyers in the U.S.