Louis Mendes Has Used a 1940's Speed Graphic to Capture the People of NYC for 40+ Years (VIDEO)

If you’ve spent any time in New York City, or attended the city’s annual PhotoPlus Expo (coming up next week), there’s a good chance you’ve come across a dapper gentleman shooting instant photos with a 1940’s Speed Graphic camera. In the charming video below, you’ll get an inspirational look at Louis Mendes, one of our favorite photography icons.

Born and bred in New York, Mendez walks the city’s streets daily, photographing passersby and giving them the instant photos he captures. He uses Fujifilm FP-100C peel-apart instant film, which, sadly, the company said earlier this year it is discontinuing. (Hopefully Mendez is stockpiling tons of it!)

For his street portraits, he says he listens to his impromptu models carefully, so that he can capture their personalities in his images.

As for his sharp appearance, Mendez says he dresses up to complement the look of his vintage camera. “That’s my style,” he explains.

When asked why he takes pictures every day, his response is simple: “Why do I breathe every day?” That’s what you call passion for the craft.

Via NY Post