CROZ is a Transparent Compact Digital Camera You Assemble Yourself from a $130 Kit

Who needs a pocket-sized 5-megapixel camera these days? Well, what if it’s one that you can assemble yourself from a kit that only costs $130?

This fun and affordable DIY project known as the Vanguard Camera Set is available from Paper Shoot, and is designed to be a mix of form and function. The resulting CROZ camera is a minimalist affair powered by two AA batteries, and features a 5MP CMOS sensor, a micro USB port for exporting images, and four built-in color effects.

For this price you don’t get an LCD screen on the back, but you do receive both a fisheye and a wide-angle lens for added versatility. CROZ accepts SD cards up to 32GB, and the only controls you have to worry about are switching it on and off. A bright blue blinker reminds you to insert the memory card and informs you when an image has been captured.

As for the optics, CROZ boasts a “precision lens” made by Largan, the same supplier used by Apple for their iPhones. The folks at Paper Shoot say the CROZ camera uses automatic algorithms to produce its images.

You can find more details and order the camera on the Paper Shoot website, and don’t be alarmed at the listed price of $3,899; that’s in Hong Kong dollars and translates to about $130 is U.S, currency. Be sure to watch the demo video below.