This Crazy Video Was Captured by a Smartphone After It Was Sucked out of a Plane & Fell to the Ground

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone may be a few generations old, but it’s a rugged little device and shoots some decent video under turbulent conditions as you can see in the insane two-minute clip below.

It turns out that Blake Henderson of Westmoreland, TN was flying his small plane while shooting video of a nearby aircraft with his phone. Suddenly, the phone was sucked out of the window and continued shooting until it landed next to a bewildered guy trimming the hedges in his front yard.

According to Henderson’s nephew, the smartphone fell about 1000 feet before making a soft landing in a pile of hedge clippings. Part way through the video you see the guy working in his yard discover the phone and remark, “This ain’t my phone and it’s got recording on too!”

The gardener’s wife watched the video, and after some commendable detective work she was able to return the smartphone to Henderson in proper working order. We bet he won’t be replacing his free-falling Samsung Galaxy S5 with the new S7 anytime soon.

Earlier this year we posted another crazy video of a smartphone that fell out of a plane and landed in a pig pen, so be sure and take a look.

Via PetaPixel