Canon to Announce Major Product News Tonight; Read Our Live Coverage from Hawaii

You’ve heard all the Canon rumors but in the next few hours you will hear the truth. Shutterbug is currently in Hawaii attending a special Canon-sponsored event for the press where the company will be announcing major product news.

Keep checking to hear all the Canon product news coming soon.

While there have been many rumors circulating about new a Canon full frame mirrorless camera system with new lenses being announced tonight, the only thing we can confirm at this point is the that we are only a few hours away from the announcement. We wish we could say more but stay tuned to hear all about it.

If it is a new Canon full frame mirrorless camera system like the rumors are indicating, it will come on the heels of Nikon announcing its Z 7 and Z 6 mirrorless camera system only a few weeks ago. And, of course, Sony has been selling its well-reviewed A-series (Alpha) mirrorless cameras for several years now.

Is Canon just late to the party for this particular camera segment or will they bring down the house? We are only a few hours away from finding out more.

UPDATE: Canon has announced the new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera system and four new RF mount lenses.