Video Shows First-Ever Drone Flight With Massive Phantom 4K Slow-Mo Camera On Board

By now, drone-assisted cinematography (and photography) is really noting new but the people at the Brain Farm have just taken it to an entirely new and very exciting level. The idea behind Brain Farm's innovative experiment was to move beyond the usual “GoPro-style” set up by equipping a large pro-quality drone (an Aerigon UAV model) with a massive Phantom Flex4K slow motion camera, at a total price tag of about a quarter of a million dollars worth of airborne gear.

To test it, the Brian Farm team used the flying Phantom rig to film two vehicles (driven by a stunt driver) as each one was navigated through the rugged and muddy terrain of the testing area.

Due to the size and weight of the Phantom Flex4K camera no one thought to use it with a drone but the Brain Farm saw some real potential in the idea. After a few years of careful planning—and a lot of hard work—the system was no longer earth bound.

The video results (which you can see embedded below) are simply amazing: the Phantom’s ultra HD, crystal clear video delivered breathtaking slow motion shots that are certain to attract the attention of Hollywood.

The Brain Farm was able to transform an almost impossible dream into a creative reality—with stunning results. Once unleashed upon the creative community we're certain we’ll be seeing movies, TV shows (and more) all captured with a Phantom Flex4K and an Aerigon UAV drone.

(Via 500px ISO)