This Is the BEST Camera for Boudoir Photography Beginners (VIDEO)

Let's say you had to recommend one camera to someone who is just starting out in boudoir photography, what would it be? Professional boudoir photographer Michael Sasser knows what camera model he'd suggest and, to be honest, his choice was a bit of a surprise to us.

But before he reveals his selection in the below video titled "The Best Beginner Boudoir Photography Camera," Sasser has a few caveats. Namely, if you're just starting out in boudoir, don't worry too much about the gear.

"Pretty much any camera you get these days, no matter what type of photography it's for, is going to be impressive," Sasser says. "The key is to get something that you need. Boudoir is a slower more controlled way to take pictures, so you don't need fancy expensive gear. Reliable face detection and eye autofocus are going to be all you need. Four frames per second is plenty in continuous shooting mode."

There is, however, one very important factor in picking a camera for boudoir and that's to get one with a good image sensor that makes your subjects look their best. And for him, the Canon EOS RP mirrorless camera with its 26MP full frame chip is an ideal choice for a boudoir photography beginner. "A good full-frame sensor like Canon makes, and you should be all set," Sasser says.

"Believe me, you can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on gear, and I have, but what do you really need to shoot boudoir?" he asks. "And for that, I really recommend for a body, you get something that's full frame, and for a lens, you get something that's 50mm. And out of all the cameras out right now, I think the best bang for your buck for boudoir photography is going to be the Canon EOS RP with their brand-new RF 50mm F1.8."

But before you say Sasser is just some Canon fanboy, watch the video where he explains his choice of the RP, noting that he currently shoots with a Fujifilm GFX 50R for his professional boudoir work and previously used the Sony A9. In fact, he's criticized the Canon R line of cameras in the past, though he feels the RP improves in several areas, particularly on price.

After you watch the clip, make sure to visit and subscribe to Sasser's channel to see all his boudoir tips, tricks, and advice. If you're looking for more gear suggestions, watch this video where boudoir pro Critsey Rowe recommends her favorite lenses for boudoir.