These Are the BEST LENSES for Boudoir Photography (VIDEO)

One of the main questions that beginner boudoir photographers ask established pros is about their lens choices. It's something that Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir gets asked so often she decided to make a video about it titled "Undisputed BEST Lens for BOUDOIR Portrait Photography: Beginner Tips."

But before she reveals what her favorite lenses are in the boudoir photography tutorial below, Rowe notes that shooting boudoir is not entirely dependent on the gear.

"All the time people will message me or comment on my photos that I post on Instagram or on Facebook and will ask like 'Oh what lens did you use to get this shot?'" Rowe says. "First of all, it's great to find out what lenses people are using, and I will definitely tell you my preferences, however, you do not need to go out and buy any specific lens to shoot with. Work with what you have right now. Don't stress it."

However, if she was given a choice of just a few lenses for boudoir, what would they be? Inquiring minds want to know!

Rowe later reveals that her favorites include 50mm and 85mm prime lenses and a 24-70mm zoom lens. After she discusses why she likes these three focal lengths for boudoir, Rowe then shows off some of her work using these specific lenses on her trusty Sony A7R III mirrorless camera.

"The biggest advice that I would like to give in choosing a lens [for boudoir] would be looking at the space you're shooting in and deciding on if that lens works for the space," she notes. "If you're in a teeny tiny space like a 10 x 10 room, you're going to probably want to shoot with a 50 or maybe even a 35. But if you have a super wide lens like a 24, you're not going to want to shoot close-up shots because you're going to distort how somebody looks."

While Rowe never really answers what the "undisputed best lens" is for boudoir photography in the video, she does give some great lens choice tips for beginners. So, check it out and then go visit her channel for more boudoir photography how-tos including this one where she explains how to get started in boudoir.