BBC Camera Crew Makes a Harrowing Descent When Mt. Etna Blows Its Lid (VIDEO)

Mt. Etna, located on the Italian coast, is Europe’s tallest active volcano and is in an almost constant state of activity. In the dramatic video below, you’ll see a BBC camera crew and several tourists make a harrowing escape when Etna exploded last Thursday and spewed hot steam and molten rocks on the group.

According to the Italian news agency Ansa, 10 people sustained injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals but fortunately no one was in serious condition. The BBC team and tourists were on the mountain to observe the ongoing volcanic activity when the eruption occurred, and you can see them descending to safety when the mountain blew its lid.

BBC’s science correspondent Rebecca Morelle says, “Running down a mountain pelted by rocks, dodging burning boulders and boiling steam was not an experience I ever want to repeat.”