Are Prime Lenses Sharper & “More Creative” Than Zooms? Watch This Video & Share Your Views

Optical technology has advanced dramatically since the early days of zoom lenses when the consensus among serious photographers was that prime lenses offered far greater sharpness, resolution, color rendition and contrast than zoom lenses. In the video below, Matt Granger discusses that “misconception” as it pertains today, as well as the notion that prime lenses encourage more compositional creativity by forcing you to “zoom with your feet.”

It’s clear that wide-range zoom lenses like a do-everything 28-300mm can substantially lighten your load by essentially replacing up to seven prime lenses. And while those zooms tend to be targeted at amateurs on a budget, pro-caliber lenses like Tamron’s new SP 150-600mm f/3.5-6.3 telephoto zoom also offer dramatic versatility.

So watch the video from Matt Granger’s YouTube channel and share your views on this continuing debate by telling us what you consider to be your favorite lens. We’ll be sharing this video on our Facebook page shortly, and you can make your comments there. And be sure to remain engaged with our Facebook posts where you can interact with us and other readers on a regular basis.