April Table Of Contents

April 2009

On The Cover
This month our attention is focused on 2009’s hottest D-SLRs. Included in our Test Special you’ll find Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon’s D3X, Olympus’ E-30, and Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-G1, which is also an ILDC (Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera). D-SLRs aside, we also have a very informative roundup on portable image storage devices to ensure that your data is safe and accessible. In addition, we show you with our insider tips how to get an “edge” the next time you have to call tech support.


30 Digital Innovations
No April Fool’s Trick
by Joe Farace

46 Roundup
Covering The Photo Beat
by C.A. Boylan

50 Buying Smart
Rechargeable Camera Batteries
by Jon Sienkiewicz

58 Classic Cameras
The Gallus Derby Lux
by Roger W. Hicks

72 Test Report: Tamron’s AF18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) MACRO
A Lens For All Seasons And Reasons
by Peter K. Burian

102 Adobe’s Photoshop Express For Advanced Photographers
Serious Medicine For An Underexposed Portfolio
by Jon Sienkiewicz

110 Image File Backup And Storage Roundup
Portable Drives And Online Backup Keep Data Safe & Accessible
by Jack Neubart

114 Test Report: Olympus’ E-30
All The Filters Of The Rainbow
by Joe Farace

122 Test Report: Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II
HD Videos And 21MP “Full-Frame” Stills
by George Schaub

128 Test Report: Nikon’s D3X
One Of The Best Just Got Better
by Joe Farace

136 Test Report: Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-G1
The First Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera (ILDC)
by Peter K. Burian

176 Getting Edge
Inside Advice On Tech Support
by Jon Sienkiewicz

178 Digital Help
Q&A For Digital Photography
by David B. Brooks

188 Help!
Q&A For Traditional Photography
by Robert E. Mayer


26 Business Trends
Selling Through Galleries
by Maria Piscopo

64 Do You Know Your SBA?
The “Shake Begins At” Level And Image Quality
by Jon Sienkiewicz

94 Book Excerpt: Neutral Density And Color Blends
An Excerpt From The Creative Digital Darkroom by Katrin Eismann and Seán Duggan
by Katrin Eismann and Seán Duggan


12 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

20 Talking Pictures
The Big Picture
by Tom Fijalkovic

24 Student Union
Profiles Of The Up And Coming
by Jay McCabe

38 Passport
A World Of Difference
by Jack Hollingsworth

54 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

84 A Long Shot
The Quest For A Ghost Orchid
by R J Wiley

106 Spirit Of Place
The Lure Of A Legendary Location
by Barry Tanenbaum

160 Reaching High
Getting A Bird’s Eye View With Some Unusual Gear
by Rosalind Smith

174 Book Reviews
Latest Photo Books Reviewed
by C.A. Boylan


10 Editor’s Notes
167 Trade Shows
168 Workshops