This Amazing 100-Megapixel Time-Lapse Video of LA was Shot with a $49,000 Camera! (VIDEO)

We’ve shared some pretty incredible time-lapse videos, but this one shot by Joe Capra of Scientifantastic may just be the most detailed yet. In some circles Capra is know as a “time-lapse genius,” and this five-minute video gives you an idea why.

Capra did his shooting in Los Angeles using a Phase One XF IQ3 with a 100-megapixel medium-format digital back. If you don’t know what this system costs, you probably shouldn’t ask. But we know you will, so it’ll set you back around $49,000 plus a few grand for a couple lenses.

Check out the video below and see what a state-of-the-art system can deliver in the hands of a genius! You can see more of Capra’s work on his Facebook page.