8 DIY Lens Filters That Will Spice up Your Photos and Don’t Cost a Dime to Make (VIDE0)

Simple DIY camera hacks are among the most popular stories we post, because they enable photographers to spice up their work with simple homemade “photo accessories” that cost little or nothing to make.

The idea is to add a creative twist to your images by using stuff you already have at home, and have some fun in the process. This new collection from our friends at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), demonstrates eight DIY photo filters that will add unique effects to your images.

The four-minute video includes a bunch of fun tricks, like simulating a tilt-shift effect with nothing more than a translucent piece of plastic with a cutout down the middle. Another simple “filter” involves affixing a couple lengths of fishing line to the front of a lens, to achieve interesting flare effects.

All that’s required for the rest of the hacks is a bit of colored string, liquid bubbles, plastic wrap, and some old Christmas decorations. So watch the video, and set aside some time this weekend to experiment with these fun hacks.

You can find more interesting tips on the COOPH YouTube channel. And be sure to look at our earlier post from COOPH, with eight camera hacks for creative photos in your kitchen.