8 Beginner Boudoir Photography Mistakes & How to Fix Them, According to Top Pro Michael Sasser

Here’s a great video for anyone who is just getting started in boudoir, and even for those who have been at it for a while but need a quick refresher on some basics.

Los Angeles-based pro photographer Michael Sasser has seen it all when it comes to boudoir, and he’s learned what to do and what not to do. In the below video, he presents eight boudoir photography mistakes that beginners often make and how to fix them.

"These are the most common boudoir photography mistakes I see over and over when photographers are just starting out in their boudoir business,” Sasser says. “Of course, some of these are extreme examples, but that is what makes it so fun!”

Here are the eight mistakes that he demonstrates in the video while then presenting how to do things the right way.

#1 Shooting on a perfect mattress

#2 Shooting at a tilted angle

#3 Blank staring into the distance

#4 Hands that don’t make sense

#5 Cropping out limbs

#6 Raising eyebrows

#7 Shooting too wide angle, too close

#8 Shooting with terrible props

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