7 Things to Worry About If You’re Thinking of Switching to Mirrorless Cameras from DSLRs

With news that Nikon and, possibly, Canon will be coming out with full frame mirrorless cameras soon, many dyed-in-the-wool DSLR users are considering making the switch to mirrorless. While mirrorless might be the wave of the future, there’s still lots to consider if you’re thinking about making the switch from DSLRs.

One photographer who made the jump to mirrorless and “lived to tell the tale” is Pierre T. Lambert who put aside his Nikon DSLR in January and bought a Sony A7R III mirrorless camera. What has he learned from the experience? Well, that while switching to mirrorless has worked out for him, the transition has been not without a few bumps.

In the below video, titled the “7 Dangers of Mirrorless Cameras vs DSLR Cameras 2018,” Lambert discuss seven things you should seriously consider before making the switch. Here they are with quotes from the video, which you can watch at the bottom of this post:

#1 They’re Not That Much Smaller

“If you’re thinking of saving a bunch of space and weight, don’t get your hopes too high because it’s gonna be very limited. “

#2 Electronic Viewfinders (EVFs) Aren’t for Everyone

“(With an EVF), it’s as if you had a mini television inside, a mini screen, that is showing you basically what the camera sees. It’s a totally different experience (from optical viewfinders) and if the EVF is not great, then it’s going to look really bad on your screen.”

#3 If You Don’t Turn on the Camera, You Can’t See What Your Lens Is Seeing

“It’s very problematic if you’re shooting at night or if you’re trying to save a lot of battery by composing your images before turning on the camera.”

#4 Sensor Is More Exposed

“If you’re in sand and dust and you’re outside changing your lens you have to be extra careful because anything that gets into your camera is going to get stuck on your sensor.”

#5 Battery Life

“It’s a lot better than it used to be but you still might want to bring a lot of batteries with you.”

#6 Not that Many Lenses Right Now

“The first time I got the Sony (lens) adapter in my hands, I thought it would make it seamless but it was not seamless.”

#7 Harder to Find Second Hand Lenses

“Sometimes it’s better to use a good old DSLR and save a bunch of money (on all the second hand lenses that are available).”

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