Two Simple "Life-Changing" Photography Tips from Pierre T. Lambert (VIDEO)

Here are two photo tips from photographer Pierre T. Lambert that are short and sweet, but he says “completely changed his photography life” in terms of how he was shooting.

“Today I'm sharing two photography tips I learned a long time ago that helped me take better photos,” Lambert says.

“Photography is a never-ending journey - this is a stepping stone that any photographer should know. If you want to take better photos this is for you.

#1 - Focus recompose to save time when shooting with subjects that are not where your focus point is. (Put your camera in AF-S and leave the focus point in the center. Move the camera towards the object you want to focus on, half press to lock the AF and recompose the image to your preference.)

#2 - Composition in photography makes a huge difference. The one thing I learned was to simply get my subject to stand out of the background. Find negative space, uniform walls/textures, skies, use bokeh to create separation between the scene and your subject. Your goal is to get your subject to stand out.”

 Watch the video below and then check out more great videos from Lambert on his YouTube channel, including this recent popular clip where he compares a $150 Nikon against a $3000 Sony camera.