6 Ways to CHANGE Your Boudoir Photography to SPICE UP Your Images (VIDEO)

Even using the best posing techniques in boudoir photography is no guarantee that your images will stand out. In fact, all of us are guilty, from time to time, of being afraid to step out of our comfort zones as photographers.

The result is boring boudoir photos that won't thrill your clients, won't help you book work, and won't keep you motivated as a photographer. There are, however, a lot of ways to add variety to your boudoir photos and in the below video, boudoir pro Michael Sasser shares six tips to help you change things up.

"I'm here today because a lot of people send me pictures of their boudoir photography and the number one thing that I see is that there's not that much variety in their photographs," Sasser says. "And so today we're going to be talking about how to get more variety in your pictures. Here are 6 ways to change up the way you take pictures in order to sell more boudoir photographs to your boudoir clients."

In the video below, Sasser enlists the help of model Sarah to demonstrate these six ways to add variety to your boudoir images.

#1 Changing Lighting

#2 Distance/Framing

#3 Expressions

#4 Change Height

#5 Slightly Change Pose

#6 Movement

Check out Sasser's easy boudoir tutorial below and then go subscribe to his YouTube channel to get all of his awesome content including this popular video on how to tell a good boudoir photo from a bad one.