4 Great Ways to Edit Images in Lightroom: Tips from Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli is a master of landscape photography and a master of editing images in Lightroom. Put both those two skills together and you have the below video where Ramelli shows you four ways to edit photos in Lightroom.

“In this tutorial, I will show you how to edit photos in Lightroom, with four different photoshoots,” he says. “First, how to edit a daylight photo, then how to edit a golden hour photo, a sunset photo, and finally how to edit a night photo, all in Lightroom.”

Ramelli adds that the images he uses in the video to demonstrate his Lightroom editing tips are some of his favorite photos of 2018. You can download Ramelli’s Raw source files here, so you can follow along in the tutorial, or try out your own Lightroom editing skills and styles on his images.

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