Here Are 8 Lightroom Tips & Tricks Every Outdoor Photographer Should Know (VIDEO)

If you’re still learning about all that Lightroom has to offer (and who isn’t?), it’s great to get insider knowledge on some of the key hidden features of this vast image editing/organizing program from Adobe. For this kind of expertise, we love turning to photographer and educator Serge Ramelli who knows Lightroom inside and out.

In the below video, Ramelli takes a step back and shares eight tips and tricks he wishes he knew when he first started editing his images in Lightroom. Some of these you may know but others you may not. Either way, Ramelli does a great job of demonstrating the features and showing how they can help your images, particularly outdoor and landscape photos.

Here’s a rundown of the eight Lightroom tips and tricks that he discusses with the times in the video where you can find them.

00:54 Shoot Panorama in Landscape Mode

01:35 Use the perspective and Boundary Wrap Option

02:00 Shoot Raw for better colors with White Balance

02:23 Sun = Highlights not too low

03:03 Use a little minus clarity for landscapes

03:21 Magenta to kill the green

04:00 Add lights and colors with Radial Filter or Brush

05:34 Use Camera Calibration for even better colors

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