6 Things You Shouldn’t Do if You’re Just Starting Out in Photography (VIDEO)

Here’s more great advice for beginning photographers in the form of a helpful how-to video from landscape photographer Serge Ramelli. Titled “Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner Photographer,” the 6.5-minute clip below discusses six things Ramelli did when he was just starting out in photography, which he now regrets.

Here are the “photography mistakes to avoid” he discusses in the video:

1. Shooting during daytime instead of sunset or sunrise
2. Not using an ND filter when shooting the ocean
3. Not using a tripod for night photography
4. Putting too many elements in your photo
5. Shooting JPEG instead of Raw
6. Not using Lightroom or its presets

Yes, this is all pretty simple stuff but worth a reminder if you’re planning on going out on a shoot this weekend. It’s also a good video to share with anyone you know who is a beginner photographer and wants to learn how to immediatley improve their images. And here’s another great video titled “3 Mistakes All Beginner Photographers Make,” which we shared on Monday.

You also may want to check out this humorous video from Ramelli that we shared a year ago, which shows how (gear) size matters in a hilarious lens duel. 

Via ISO 1200