“Aeroscience Geek” Wins the Internet with This Epic High-Altitude Video of the Solar Eclipse

We’ve seen a lot of great imagery from the August 21st total solar eclipse, but this nine-minute video is really something special. Self-proclaimed “armchair aeroscience geek” Liem Bahnerman captured the amazing footage after launching a high-altitude balloon festooned with three still cameras and two action cams shooting video.

“I launched a camera-laden balloon before totality passed over Central Oregon,” Bahnerman explains, adding, “This is the edited video showing the shadow of totality passing, and the last 40 seconds is the last of the footage before the battery died.”

While watching the video you’ll see Bahnerman’s balloon reach altitude at about the 40-seocond mark with the shadow of the moon entering from the right of the frame. Just after the five-minute mark you can hear jets flying below.

You can see more from Bahnerman on his Vimeo page. Be sure to watch the earlier video we posted explaining what made the rare eclipse so special, with links to our earlier stories explaining how to photograph an eclipse.