Photo Basics: 7 Ways You Are Using Your Camera WRONG!

If you’re a beginner photographer or even if you just need a quick refresher course on some photography basics, the below video from B&H Photo's YouTube channel is worth a look. Provocatively titled “7 Ways You Are Using Your Camera Wrong,” the video is hosted by B&H’s David Flores who offers some great tips from pro photographers on how to correct a few basic mistakes.

Here’s the list of 7 things you might be doing wrong as a photographer. Watch the video where Flores explains how to use your camera the “right” way.

1. Holding Your Camera the Wrong Way

2. Not Cleaning Your Lens

3. Not Having Enough Batteries or Memory Cards

4. Not Adjusting Your Focus Point

5. Shooting in Full Auto or the Wrong Mode

6. Don’t Use Auto White Balance

7. Not Shooting in Raw

Bonus Point: Not Exposing Properly

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I always remind myself to leave the camera and lens as i started. So, at the end if every shoot, camera goes to aperture priority, raw & jpeg, f8, auto white balance, evaluative, lens IS & AF on, etc. That way, no surprises when I grab a camera.